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Най-бързата пушка в света 5 патрона простреляни за 0.48 секунди.

Уинчестър Надеждност

Активна Клапан система. Super
X3 е бил усъвършенстван, да произвежда
най-надеждната и най-бърза стрелба .

The Active Valve System. The Super
X3 has been refined to produce the
most reliable, fastest shooting and
softest recoiling autoloader available.
This simple system consists of a gas
piston with an internal Active Valve
that self adjusts to reliably fire a
wide range of loads. With light loads,
most of the gases from the fired shell
are used to operate the action. With
heavy loads, excess gases are vented
from the piston.
The gas piston and Active Valve operate
independently, exerting less pressure
on the piston for greater longevity
and efficiency than other gas-operated
autoloaders. The extremely short
piston stroke also limits the amount
of combustion gases that get into
the receiver for cleaner, more reliable
Design and ergonomics

Easy stock length adjustment. Inserts can easily be
added or removed between the stock and the antirecoil
butt plate to adapt your gun to your exact
measurements. Thanks to these inserts, the stock
length can be adjusted from 349mm to 375mm.

Judge for yourself! The Super X3 is the big innovation in Winchester’s range since 2006.
The size of its stock, its grip and its fore-end have been studied to give the SX3 finesse
as well as exceptional handling. The SX3 is very light thanks to a tubular magazine made
of an ultralight alloy and a barrel whose weight has been reduced by its new profile. The
SX3’s barrel is Back-Bored; it therefore enables you to maximize the cartridge’s performance.
The new battleship grey "Ultra Tough Coat" finish has the added bonus of lasting longer
than traditional blueing. In fact, it is the most resistant finish ever applied to a shotgun.
Winchester’s legendary manufacturing quality is of course part of the total package.


A new design and innovative features give the new Winchester Super X3 Field a strong personality. The SX3 is ideal for
all types of hunting, in particular its 12 gauge magnum barrel enables you to fire cartridges of different loads as well
as those made of steel shot. The exclusive extremely reliable "Active Valve" gas-operated system, which is adjusted
automatically, significantly reduces recoil. A new generation anti-recoil butt plate is also used to further improve firing
comfort. The design of the grip and the fore-end also contribute to the excellent handling and this gun’s vivacity.


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