Winchester SXR Vulcan

Winchester SXR Vulcan cal. .30-06 Springfield

Надежден при всякакви условия!

Уинчестър СХР Вулкан е от последните разработки на Winchester .Със своята здравина, динамика и кована цев SXR Vulcan е готов да срещне всички предизвикателства по време на лов.

По голямата предпазна скоба около спусъка ,ръкохватката за презареждане и удобно разположения предпазител подобряват комфорта при боравене с оръжието дори и с ръкавици.
Дървеният приклад и полуложа осигуряват перфектен захват и придават на SXR Vulcan

Хромирани камера и цилиндър за газ за да не ръждясва

изглед като на произведение на изкуството.Цевната кутия е разработена с възможност за монтаж на оптичен мерник или бързомерец.
Калибър 30-06 ;дължина на цевта - 55.8 см. ;обща дължина - 105,15 см.;тегло 3.35 кг.

Видео от официалната страница на Winchester SXR Vulcan

Reliable in all conditions !

Winchester Reliability

- New feeding cycle regulating system for perfect operation with all types of bullet
even magnum calibres (1)
- Gas plug can be adjusted to optimise operation for certain types of cartridge.
- Welded gas cylinder, perfectly watertight.
- Regulating system’s floating mass ensures regular supply and more reliability.
- Chromed chamber and gas cylinder do not rust and make ammunition extraction easier.
- Locking occurs in the barrel by means of 7 lugs, which engage in an extremely rigid way.
This gives excellent shooting accuracy and the possibility to fire magnum cartridges. (2)
- Hammered Barrel manufactured by the Fabrique Nationale (FN Factory) in Herstal, a
guarantee of quality and accuracy.
- New barrel that offers greater resistance in the locking zone, whilst retaining the
accuracy quality of a mono-block barrel..

Essential features
- Very high finish and top quality assembly.
- One-piece aircraft-grade alloy receiver
- Tapped receiver for easy scope assembly. (3)
- Reversible safety device for left handed-users. (4)
- Receiver locking indicator thanks to a red dot at the back of the bolt catch, ideal for silent locking
when battue hunting. (5)
- Recoil sensation much softer than with bolt-action rifles
- Fixed or removable magazine and drop-down magazine available, according to the regulations in
force. (6)
- Exclusive Winchester sighting systems with micro battue strip and a fully adjustable foresight for
extremely fast aiming in any circumstances. (7)
- The best available calibres 270 WSM, 30-06 and 300 WM.
- 53.5 cm barrel, extreme accuracy in both battue and still hunting.

A revolution in the world of hunting. Here is the new Super X Rifle
(SXR) Vulcan from the Winchester research and development office.
The SXR is part of a splendid line of self-loading rifles that includes
the legendary Model 100 rifle. The SXR is ready to rise to shooting
challenges, both in the field and in the shooting ranges.
Fitted with a Winchester semi-automatic gas-operated loading system,
it guarantees great reliability and excellent accuracy.
Its international, avant-garde, very stylish look is a complete success.
All hunters appreciate fast and effective firing when hunting large
game. The new Super X Rifle (SXR) was designed for these situations.
It is fast, has less recoil and is, powerful and accurate. Now you can
use it in the field in the quest for the large animals of your dreams.
Welcome to the future!
• Semi-automatic, extremely fast rifle with gas-operated mechanism
• The accuracy of a bolt action rifle
• Available in standard and magnum calibres
• Removable trigger unit
• Removable or tilting magazine according to the legislation in force
• Stylish, modern walnut stock


The new SXR Vulcan is available in the three calibres that are the most
renowned and effective for big game battue hunting. The 270 WSM
is a fast cartridge, with a flat trajectory that is perfect for roe and
wild boar. If you prefer ammunition that has beaten all the trajectory
records for a century, the .30-06 Spr is unbeatable. If you hunt larger
game like stag, you can opt for a SXR in 300 Win.Mag. Whatever your
game, there is a SXR whose calibre is suited to your requirements.


A new battue rib is now available for the SXR semi-automatic rifle. Order it now from your gunsmith.
(Code U3177589F4)

SXR VULCAN MG 2 FIX 531001164 270 WSM 2+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 2 DBM 531005164 270 WSM 2+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 3 DBM 531006164 270 WSM 3+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 2 DBM 531005128 30-06 Sprg. 2+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 4 DBM 531007128 30-06 Sprg. 4+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 2 FIX 531001133 300 Win. Mag. 2+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 2 DBM 531005133 300 Win. Mag. 2+1 53 3,15
SXR VULCAN MG 3 DBM 531006133 300 Win. Mag. 3+1 53 3,15

All models Winchester SXR Vulcan

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