Walther 1,5 - 4,5 x 32

Walther 1,5 - 4,5 x 32


For focusing loosen the fastening ring.
Focusing of the image is by turning the ocular (the part of the scope
you look into with the eye). After focusing tighten the fastening ring.
It is recommended to adjust this setting at the largest possible magnification
of 12x as the image will then remain distinct over the entire
range of magnification. Keep an eye relief of approx. 8 to 10 cm (3 to 4
inches) and look through the scope. Only then will you benefit from the
full field of view.


The scope has a reticle of the type 8. The size of the
reticle remains the same over the entire range of
adjustment. This also means that it is not possible to
estimate distances by means of the space of the large
crosshairs of the reticle.
Adjustment of the reticle
Adjustment of the scope on order to correct deviations of the point of
impact is by means of the elevation adjustment (on top of the tube) and
the windage adjustment (on the right side of the tube). To do so, the
dust protection caps have to be removed, then a coin can be used to
turn the appropriate adjustment screw. To facilitate the adjustments, all
screws have a click-adjustment. 1 click changes the point of impact by
.25 inches on 100 yards (7 mm on 100 m). To change the adjustment,
proceed as follows:
· if point of impact is too low, turn upper adjustment screw towards
· if point of impacts is too far right, turn side-mounted adjustment screw
towards "L"
If point of impact is too high or too far left, turn the adjustment screws
accordingly. After these adjustments, the protective caps are to be put
back on in order to prevent the penetration of dampness or dirt. The
reticle ist centrally adjusted, it always remains in the centre of the image
during all adjustments.

Variable magnification

The setting ring situated in front of the ocular lens is used to set the
continuously adjustable magnification from 4-fold to 12-fold. The number
opposite the marking dot shows the set magnification.
Care and maintenance
Your Walther telescoping sight does not require any special maintenance.
Do not simply wipe coarse dirt particles (such as sand) off the lenses
but blow it away or use a fine brush to remove it. The simplest way to
clean lenses is to breathe at them and then softly wipe them down with
a clean optical cloth. The blued metal parts should be given the same
treatment as other blued parts of the weapon. Use a cloth slightly dampened
with gun oil if required.
After shooting, the dust protection caps should be replaced.

Technical data
magnification: 1.5-fold to 4.5-fold
tube diameter: 25.4 mm
objective lens diameter: 32 mm
reticle: 4
field of view on 100 m:
1.5-fold magnification 14 m on 100 m
4.5-fold magnification 5.4 m on 100 m
dot distance
at 3-fold magnification approx. 31 cm on 100 m
weight including mount:372 g
length: 296 mm
Dust protection caps,
Operation instructions, HighPower mount 0
Operation instructions
Your Walther telescopic sight 1.5-4.5x32 which you have now acquired is a
highly precise optical instrument. Make sure that you adhere to the
following instructions and you will enjoy a long service life of your

1. ocular
2. fastening ring
3. magnification adjustment
4. elevation adjustment
5. tube
6. objective lens
7. windage adjustment
Prior to the mounting of the telescope sight, the following measures
have to be taken:
-Check your weapon, it must be unloaded.
-Always hold the muzzle of your gun in a safe direction so that an
unintentional discharge cannot cause any damage.
The telescopic sight in its as delivered condition is already fitted with
two mounting blocks which can be used for standard picatinny rails.
First loosen the 8 screws which hold the mounting blocks on the
tube until the blocks can be freely moved. Now loosen the knurled
screws on the mounting blocks, the retaining claw will now open.
Place the blocks on the rail and tighten the knurled screws. Adjust
the telescopic sight in a way that the elevation adjustment turret is
at a right angle and make sure the eye relief is approx.
3-4 " (8-10 cm) with the gun mounted. Now tighten the 8 screws
on the mounting been fired, the knurled screws should be
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